Who We Are

Eettal is the name derived from the famous Thirukural, Written by Thiruvalluvar which is explained below

Iyatralum eettalum kaathalum kaatha Vakuthalum valladhu arasu

A great king will be able to acquire wealth, develop and guard it; For equitable distribution on State expenditure and public good.

A good king acquires wealth in many ways. ‘Iyatralum’ stands for all these methods of creation of wealth, not alone through legitimate taxes. Naturally it refers to the production of agriculture as well as mineral and other wealth on a wide front, and the royal income accruing from all these.

The next steps are the consolidation and investment in ways that develop these resources, while ensuring effective protection of this wealth. Obviously Valluvar envisaged not only keeping all the king’s money safe in the treasury, but also the meaningful and productive investment of such resources. This idea may not be construed merely as ensuring greater returns from royal lands, or state enterprises, but more by promotion of private enterprises, by which the taxable capacity of the citizen may be increased.

The final step is the effective and equitable distribution of this wealth, to meet all the State”s expenditure and the Citizen”s

legitimate needs. The concept of distribution, therefore, of the State”s wealth was not a new one introduced into the polity of world states by the modern welfare-state oriented specialists alone.

Started by a group of passionate professionals with a desire to change the way personal finance is perceived and delivered in India, we aim at making personal financial advisory accessible to all, particularly the common man.We  take every minute details of one’s personal finance to compute ways and means of how an individual can achieve his or her financial goals.